We Are Urban Ramen,,,

Pursuing the perfect taste and flavor in our broth, we have worked and trained with many famous Ramen chefs across Japan. To achieve the perfect broth, we have carefully selected materials such as pork/chicken bones, fruits and vegetables. These are slowly cooked for many hours in specially made equipments (high pressure cooker). This perfected broth is blended with our homemade sauce and noodles. We make our original noodles in house to keep them fresh. These well studied and crafted broth and noodles make perfect chemistry together. By making these all in house, we promise our customers safety and consistency on top of great savory.

We also offer vegan ramen options for our vegan customers. We did not want to just have vegan options like many others do, so we invented the most tasty vegan ramen.

We offer a variety of options as we have set our goal to make a restaurant that you would want to go back a few times a week.